Why BonBini BC

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Bon Bini: no-nonsense property management with a Dutch touch!

Bonbini BC L.L.C. is a full-service provider in property management, established in 2006 in the Emirate of Dubai. BonBini’s Dutch management always thrives to deliver the best unconditional service and we all work with ‘The Dutch Touch-Mentality’.

The company was established by two successful entrepreneurs from the Netherlands in 2006 as they noticed dusty Dubai was in need of a high end quality cleaning company and so they started Bon Bini. Nowadays Bon Bini is a fully owned family enterprise and therefore we have the competencies, character and commitment to do this fantastic work and to handle your jobs with our full attention and care. We value integrity, discipline and hard work and strive to cultivate and nurture long-term, personal and professional relationships.

Clients ask us what does Bon Bini means, the meaning is WELCOME, we welcome you! it is Papiamento Portuguese-based creole language spoken in the Dutch West Indies. It is the most-widely spoken launguage on the Caribbean ABC Islands, having official status in Aruba and Curacao. We are here to serve you contact us today for free quote !!!

In 2006 we felt there was a need for high-end cleaning services for the buildings and villa’s that were built in Dubai in fast pace. All too often we found that the “standard” in cleaning was not up to the client’s expectations. Therefore, we started training our personal from scratch and we have developed them to all round and specialized cleaners. All are working according to the UAE labour law and many are certified for operating special machinery or working with hazardous materials.

Since then BonBini BC L.L.C. has grown substantially, serving various companies and private households throughout the region. From large Office Buildings to Private Villa’s, from Embassies to Hospitals. In all these years we have specialized in many different segments and obtained all necessary licenses to serve our clients best in: Professional Building Cleaning, Total facility Management, Property Maintenance, First-class Maid Service and Professional Pest Control.


Our goal is to be the very best in what we do and be the only (!) one-stop-shop for all our valued customers when it comes to the management and maintenance of their properties. From letting and selling to cleaning, from maid service to maintenance.


To be positioned as a company which can satisfy every need of its customers with highest demand, quality, reliability and trust. Dedicated towards offering the highest standards of maintenance services by providing you with trustful experienced staffs.

Why We’re Better

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24/7 service

All of our cleaning experts are ready to work at any objects with absolutely any scheduling and any frequency applicable!

Fully Insured

As our workers oftentimes work at pretty big heights, especially when servicing commercial objects, we’re insured!

Wide Range

Being the biggest company in the state, we’re working with all kinds of windows, heights and building’s types!

Our happy customers

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"Ad Bertens | Managing Director | Finnish multinational company
My name is Ad Bertens, MD of a local branch from a Finnish multinational company and I am using the services of BonBini, business but also privately, from the beginning I have been in Dubai. I landed in Dubai in 2006 and was looking for a decent cleaning company for my rental house in The Meadows. As of today I am making use of their maids service as well in my apartment. Key words are quality, flexibility and reasonable pricing ! Furthermore I was so very pleased with the quality of work executed by BonBini, that I have started using their services also in our multinational company in Dubai, as were 450 employees are working. The reason and finally decision to make use of the services from Bonbini lays in the fact that their quality is up to the European standard and is exceeding by far the standard of most of the available cleaning companies around in Dubai. I have had my personal experiences with other local cleaning companies, and went back to Bonbine because of quality aspects. From a financial point of view, there are for sure cheaper solutions than the Bonbini cleaning services, but what do you get ? I am happy to make use of Bonbini and praise this company because of their quality label !