General Cleaning

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BonBini Building Cleaning LLC,
P.O.Box 122469, Dubai-UAE.
Tel: +971 4 421 3375

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Recently Bon Bini Building Cleaning has acquired a new revolutionary machine that will change the way buildings are being cleaned in the UAE forever. The high tech machine itself produces special water which will effectively pull all the dust, sand and dirt out off the pores and off the building.

By means of a high-tech light weight and high pressure extendable washing broom that can reach up to a length of 25 meter the product is easily brought to the whole surface of your building. This way a building can be cleaned much faster then your regular service provider who uses scaffolding. As you know scaffolding has to be rebuilt from spot to spot and takes a lot of time. Because of a reduced cleaning time we guarantee a cheaper price then the competitor or your current service provider. And of course due to the special water we guarantee a much better result… … a building that can be cleaned faster, cheaper and best of all… a lot cleaner! Although the machine was originally designed to clean the outside windows of a building it can be applied to all types of surfaces. Please contact our specialist to consult in treatment of your building.