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How we work

After years of professional, international experience we see ourselves as a specialist provider of cleaning services as well as maintenance services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi for both the private and the public sector, office buildings and villas, but also yachts, pools and shopping malls. Your one-stop-shop for all your cleaning, maintenance, renting and selling! We deliver and strive to be the best in the field.

We know very well what a competitive market place you operate in and have a list of services you can select from. Therefore, allowing you and your company to maintain your image and the competitive (clean) edge.

On our initial visit you will be asked what your special needs entail and together we will create a suitable specification and scope of work for our dedicated staff.

We always strictly monitor our people and execute regular quality audits to maintain the highest standards in our business. The Dutch Touch. And should it be discovered that your needs have changed, your specifications can be adjusted accordingly. Ensuring we always meet your valued requirements!

The Bonbini Building Cleaning and Industrial Cleaning offer professional cleaning and maintenance services for all commercial organizations. We have trained personnel who understand the specialized requirements of Offices, Schools, Hospitals, Consulates, Malls, Yachts, etc…

Below is an overview of our services that are generally required by commercial establishments.

  • Wipe all appliance
  • Dusting all furniture
  • Vacuum carpets and rugs
  • Wipe down kitchen counters
  • Sweeping and mopping floors
  • Clean all exterior glass doors
  • Foyer and reception entrances
  • Hallways stairs and elevators
  • Clean sinks and polish fixtures
  • Bathrooms detailed from top to bottom
  • Polishing Or Buffing of Marble or Ceramic floors

If you do not find a specific service that you require listed above, we will be delighted to customize one for you based on the needs of your organization. It is all about the knowledge and experience. And that’s what we have.

Office Cleaning Services

The meticulous office cleaning service by will make your establishment sparkle. We offer custom designed cleaning services to suit your requirements. All our employees are fully background checked, trained and insured.

Our dependable and efficient services contribute to a healthy work environment for your staff and clients and helps project a professional appearance. We provide worry free cleaning day after day and year after year.

Once we accept a contract, we will strive to provide the highest quality cleaning services to all organizations. That’s our succes!

We are able to achieve this through…

Quality Control Measures

Each assignment is inspected during the service by supervisors to ensure all tasks are completed and that all safety measures have been taken during closing procedures. Random inspections are also a regular part of our quality control.


A log is placed in each facility for open communication between our personnel and the staff and management of the establishment we are servicing. It is checked daily and the comments or concerns are addressed immediately to maintain consistency and a high quality service. We can also be reached at all time by phone, fax or e-mail.

We believe that good communication is the key to maintaining consistency and a high quality of service!


We maintain and purchase the best up-to-date equipment, ensuring consistent quality with maximum efficiency.

Customized Schedules:

A trained professional will meet with you at your convenience to discuss our services and to plan a schedule that is customized for your organization.

The Bonbini Management