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My name is Ad Bertens, MD of a local branch from a Finnish multinational company and I am using the services of BonBini, business but also privately, from the beginning I have been in Dubai. I landed in Dubai in 2006 and was looking for a decent cleaning company for my rental house in The Meadows.

As of today I am making use of their maids service as well in my apartment. Key words are quality, flexibility and reasonable pricing !

Furthermore I was so very pleased with the quality of work executed by BonBini, that I have started using their services also in our multinational company in Dubai, as were 450 employees are working. The reason and finally decision to make use of the services from Bonbini lays in the fact that their quality is up to the European standard and is exceeding by far the standard of most of the available cleaning companies around in Dubai. I have had my personal experiences with other local cleaning companies, and went back to Bonbine because of quality aspects. From a financial point of view, there are for sure cheaper solutions than the Bonbini cleaning services, but what do you get ?

I am happy to make use of Bonbini and praise this company because of their quality label !

Mammoet UAE

Mammoet UAE

The Bonbini Management

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Gulf News, August 2010

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